Minimum Price For any task is $0.01


  1. Complete too many tasks in a single job
  2. Explicitly encourage clicking ads/pop ups, unlock a page, refresh page X times, reload,
  3. Play games (or similar) in order to finish the required task
  4. Spam or harm another website or person
  5. Promote Violent/Violence-related content or programs
  6. Promote illegal activities
  7. Involve websites dedicated to pornography
  8. Exchange money between payment systems
  9. Disclose personal information (unless you select Leads)
  10. Use a credit card or Provide Bank Account Details, or use any form of payment
  11. Sign-up for sites that require Membership or Activation Fees
  12. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial or similar offers that might risk involuntary payment after free offer expires
  13. Create fake reviews or testimonials of products or services. Any paid review or testimonial must clearly state they are compensated and the statement is still true and accurate based on a real experience.

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